History of our farm called "de Bommel"

There used to be a small farm here, but it was destroyed by drifting ice in 1830. In the mid-1830s, the current farm was built with the materials left behind by the disaster. Ceiling beams in the attached barn have been reused. They come from the sails of an old mill in Zuilichem.

During the war between 1940 and 1945, the hall and the right side of the farm were damaged by shrapnel and the damage of the wall is still visible. You will find a door on the outside of the house on the left side but it is not present on the inside. During the war the farm was confiscated by the Germans and the family lived in the front room. For that reason a door was made. The left front shows a former construction of an earth closet. The back of the barn is still in its original state, right for the cows, left for the horses. Until 1976 the house was used as a farm.


The farmhouse called "Bommelstein" dates back from the 1830s and since 1992 it has become a monument of architectural and historical value, both because of the form which remained intact and because of the value for urban development due to the location in thevillage.

The guesthouse is named after the farmhouse.